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A fé move montanhas, mas o ódio move a minha mão bem no meio dessa tua cara

Milan, Italy. June 29, 2014 x

"Gringos pagando até 2 mil reais por programa" se alguma amiga aparecer com iphone novo já sabe

The Walking Dead Meme- Six quotes [5/6]

You’ve been shielded from what’s been going on out there.Dale said you saw everything happen on the news.Well, it’s been… It’s been a long time since the cameras stopped rolling.The first time I saw a walker it was just half a body snapping at me from the ground.My inclination wasn’t to kill it.But what the world is out there isn’t what you saw on TV. It is much much worse and it changes you.Either into one of them or something a lot less than the person you were.

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